Core Band

Core Band Classes include:

Introduction to Music teaches music note recognition and reading rhythm (usually ages 7 to 10 years old).  We will work with xylophones, recorders, hand bells and rhythm sticks. This class is for students that are not quite ready to start learning a band/orchestra instrument.  Child must be able to read.  These students will perform at both the Christmas and Spring Concerts.

Only offered at Ardmore, Gainesville, and Sherman Locations.

Beginning Band is for first year students with little or no instrumental experience in playing an instrument.

Intermediate Band is the band for students with at least one year of instrumental experience, either band or private instruction.

    • Intermediate Band programs are offered at most of our locations and are offered as level 1 and level 2 classes. Intermediate Band 1 is for confident beginning band graduates. Intermediate Band 2 is for the more advanced intermediate student who has not reached the advanced level.
    • Some locations offer Intermediate Band without a designated skill level. In these locations the group will perform intermediate 1 or Intermediate 2 music based on the abilities of the group. In some cases, both levels of concert music will be prepared.

Advanced Band is for more experienced players. The music is high school level. Students should talk to their band director before enrolling in this level.

Wind Ensemble is open by audition only and is a small group of our most advanced players. Wind Ensemble is only offered in Oklahoma City and is by invitation/audition only. Please contact Ben Fast for available seating.