Fundraiser Information

Each year we participate in two different fundraiser programs to raise money for our concert costs and honor band participation fees.

Families are welcome to make a donation to OHB in lieu of participating in the fundraiser program.

Ongoing Fundraiser

Eden's Pulse Vitamins

Enter coupon code: okbands
to save 20%, and the band will earn 15% of your order as a fundraiser.

Fall Fundraiser

Glow Scented Candles!

Order forms and samples were distributed to directors last week. As Oklahoma Homeschool Bands expand, there is a need for large expensive instruments like tubas, French horns, tenor saxes, etc. Funds raised go toward the purchase of those kinds of instruments and also keeps tuition costs down. Checks should be made out to Oklahoma Homeschool Bands or just “OHB”.

Orders can also be placed online at with the OHB ID# 203040. There is a place to put the student name at the time of checkout so you receive credit for the sale. This is a great option for out of town friends and family, however, shipping can be expensive if it is not a large order. Also, the band only receives 40% of the sale compared to 50% for orders turned in to your director. Please use this option as needed but try to use the order forms for local friends and family.

Cash Prizes!
The cash prizes on the outside of the brochure envelope should be cut in half…For example.: the $400 1st prize should be $200, the $200 2nd prize should be $100, etc. Sorry about the misprint!
Several orders will be placed during the course of the sale, and brochures can be turned in to your director anytime (and replaced with a new one if desired). The sale ends mid November.
Thanks for supporting Oklahoma Homeschool Bands!

Winter Fundariser

Chocolate Bars